Friday, June 11, 2010


In talking with a friend this morning, I realized that my ambition revolves around moving up from the ranks of minion. What kind of career path leads upward from minionhood?

If Evil Genius had been part of the game plan, I think I would have already gotten there. I've known people who were on that career path and I'm happy to say that so far I've gotten away with stories rather than actual scars from knowing them. The drama of the Evil Genius (and the genial defeatist nature of the enterprise) is appealing; however, the intellectual complexity is absent.

What about Simpering Weasel Behind the Throne? This dangerous but tempting career path means being able to pour all one's imagination and frustration into greed and false praise. A quick step backward and you fade from the scene, allowing your Evil Genius/Mad Ruler pawn to take the blow, catching any goodies that might fall your way in addition to the ones that the EG/MR has already gifted you with based on your "understanding" and "loyalty." This dual system, however, can easily either result in being dragged down with the overweening ambition of your EG/MR or forgetting the greed briefly to offer an opinion and thus losing your head or your goodies. Bleh.

Leading the minion revolt? Turncoat minion spy? Minion writing the sorrowful tale of the collapse of the ambitions of someone else?

That last one seems safe. Just so long as I remember not to put the red shirt aside for the escape from the volcanic planetary underground lair...

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