Friday, June 18, 2010


Next week is Apollocon, so I need to finish up Divine Misfortune. Mr. Martinez's books tend to be either ones I really enjoy or I can't finish at all, depending on whether the story carries me through his graphic eye for detail. My stomach tends to be really weak, but I'm trying to get tougher. DM hooked me from the start and although there are some dark patches, I think this is going to be one of those I enjoy. (Not that anything will ever touch Too Many Curses.) We'll see if I can finish it while waiting for the pool to fill up.

We've been told that we're slacking off on the dogs' activity level. Since neither one of us can be in the sun that much, we've set up a kiddie pool so that the dogs can run around more in the backyard while we huddle under the patio umbrella and think pale thoughts. Neither of them really like getting wet (why do OUR dogs always have an issue with this?), but I'm convinced that Varda's retriever heritage will one day come out.

On to the water!

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