Monday, June 14, 2010

Dog Days

Merlin the Peskie (papillion/American Eskimo mix) sliced open a claw today and left tiny bloody footprints all over the house before he decided it was painful enough to start yelping. We went to the vet and had his wound cleaned and wrapped (that didn't last long) and he's fine.

My brain, however, is refusing to exit Dogmergency Mode. It's been just a year since we lost Wynn & Baron and towels and dogs and vet visits are like Novocain to the thought processes. I'm cold and I can't sit still and reading isn't helping. Merlin spent the car ride wedged up under my chin staring out the window, too focused to whimper or acknowledge the pain in his paw. I'm still there, staring at the screen or the page and trying to listen for whatever is running full speed at me next.

Can't even think of more for this post.

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