Sunday, December 1, 2019


Even here, where memory itself is iced with dust,
Frosted with webs; even here, I am thankful for the pipes
Clean water from wherever it may have run
Underground, creeping and pressing through stone
To fall out here, surprised.
It will be exhausted when it's touched dishes,
Counters, cabinets and this floor
We will both tend toward the cooler tile
Stone enough, I guess.
If the last thing I will be grateful for,
Here, is water...
Filling the baths and the spigots,
The hoses and the plastic pools,
The sprinklers and the showers,
Then I will be clean
And I will be

Sharing this week with The Sunday Muse...maybe in honor of the holiday or in honor of no longer having water dripping like madness from the ceiling or just because. Hope this week finds everyone recharged and creative as the new year slips up, party frock ready. :) 

-- Chrissa


  1. A representation of counting your blessings — excellent way to look at it Chrissa!

  2. I so love this Chrissa!! Looking at the bright side at its finest! Gratefulness is always a lovely thing! 🌻

  3. This is simply beautiful, thank you.

  4. I really see how much you can do with just some clean water... the kitchen will soon look spiffy and nice.

  5. As always, a joy to read what you create.

  6. Love the theme and interpretation Chrissa.

  7. Ha, this is when the rubber meets the road, when one can be grateful simply for water, coming from the taps!