Friday, January 11, 2019

Inspired By Friday

Still working out how I want to blog more often this year. I like the idea of  "Inspired By" because our WordCrafters sponsor, Carrie, has a gift for finding prompts and it's fun to see how a single image or idea refracts through the group. This particular prompt was about creating something new in honor of the new year...which I didn't, in the end, do. There is something about beginnings that sometimes comes with blankness and the poem that would have summed that up is as follows:


This is the poem that did arrive.

A Ragged, Strange Hospitality

Why don’t I ask you to leave?
This bright evening around us…
You're a limned shadow, across
This branching scar.
You stare at it, then away
Sunward, into blindness.
Too polite to ask with more
Than a glance and an “ouch.”
And that smile—go ahead, sit.

Odin hung, they say, for wisdom
His body like a bucket beneath a branch
On the tree of all worlds.
He gave an eye for his birds.
I think of sap, while the sugared coffee
Drains down my throat.
I was balancing on the wire fence
Railing the Starbucks from the highway
Wondering what I giving…
Who would take it.

Grackle laughs and lands on my shoulder
Offers me a trade, gouges Yggdrasil into my bicep
And forearm. Somewhere to sit, higher...
Some bird flew into my hair
And freaked. I had to share my bagel
To calm it down. He wanted
To write us both into an old myth
Of hospitality. 
Would you like a bite?

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  1. Full of mystery and surprises as a new year can do. The questions add a nice touch. Lovely and magical as always!