Thursday, September 6, 2012

Polar Bears and Meridians

Lately, I have been obsessively creating mini-scrapbooks in those little 40-page 4x6 brag books you can get for $2 at Target. It could be that my brain is trying to tell me to tie up loose ends so that I can start on a new project (for example: getting in shape enough for costume 2014). On the other hand, it's possible that, like the heroine from my favorite fairy tale, I need to hold up a candle to some of these bedfellows and see what they really are. The most recent book dealt with the characters I'd created for the MMO City of Heroes, which was, until Skyrim, pretty much the only digital RPG that kept my attention, partially by feeding my creativity and partially by assuaging my enduring need to create and change character outfits. Barbie, I lay this on your doorstep. Anyway...COH is coming to an end. That's probably a post in itself, but as the game doesn't go dark until November, I'm putting that off. When I found out about the game I *had* to print out lists of my characters, images, and backstories. When the first book was finished, I started on a second and then ideas popped up for a few more. Summaries are where I am right now. Not yet insights, just summaries.

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