Sunday, September 9, 2012

Nothing Says Upbeat Like a Business Card

First, a minor squee over finding a brief recording of the Star Trek record I had as a kid (In Vino Veritas, Peter Pan Records). EEEEEEEEEEE!!! Just hearing the intro music made me feel 10 again. The corners of the furniture, the feel of the carpet, and the pink & blue straw-wrapped bottle on my desk surface and I'm floating--shorter, an Alice trick--in the memory. Which just tops off the kind of day where I woke up from a dream in which I'm jumping up and down telling everyone who will listen that I just got my business cards. Obviously, ordering official "writer" business cards yesterday was some kind of signal to my subconscious to quit hashing over my previous office job and reorient itself on what I'm working on now. Weird but welcome sign of finally emerging from the depression occasioned by losing my job (as the business closed) several years ago. Squees all around.

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