Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!

Although unusual for a summer holiday, today began with baking and cleaing the kitchen while listening to the kind of thing I imagine I would have heard in the grocery story growing up (James Blunt's 1973, Arthur's Theme) and thinking about how tangential the arc of my imaginary life has been to the arc of the life that I have lived.

The good thing about this is that there are places where these lives touch--I'm still writing, I am spending my life with someone I love, there is a yard and dogs to go in the yard--and places where they don't, spaces for reaching up to touch a line that sweeps around and disappears into the mists of other places and other efforts. For this space and this day I'm grateful.

Speaking of dogs in the are recent pics of furry silliness: Merlin and Varda in a jet-fueled race around the vegetable bed. Although it's high enough that they aren't running through it, they do use it as a kind of base for chasing each other. Gimlet stares from opposite ends are a good indication that you, the hose, and anything else in the way should move quickly. Although Merlin is a good bit faster, Varda is more patient in staking out tight corners. :)

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