Saturday, May 15, 2010

Crunchy Fried Gold

This was my first week back at work full-time. We're all slightly stressed and off-kilter, at the feet of which I'll lay this week's blog entry. To wit, what if we could aspire to become dragons of the outer mountains rather than captains of industry? What if salary were delivered in tribute? How would you take your gold?

I would take mine in french fries.

On days when I was feeling the pomp and the hunger of power, it would be Lone Star steak fries (from a bygone restaurant in LJ). Slice an entire potato into eight pieces, fry and serve. One claw could slice the parchment skin, revelaing the steaming softness of the white flesh. The taste of steak and oil and potato would be in my nostrils and throat long before I polished off the first slice.

On days when I wanted to celebrate firends I have know, it would be piles of golden shoestrings from a Fry Daddy, salted. A blob of ketchup would serve for the sauce, piquant and slightly sweet as the past itself.

Days that I needed take comfort from my wealth, it would be McDonald's fries, no longer as bountifully rich with grease and crystalline salt as before, but still a savor of both childhood and just being out on my own.

Other days? Perhaps doubloons of golden German potato fries or spicy strings of exotic sweet potato fries.

One of the things that I miss about that initial burst of learning a new job is that it cuts into your ability for reverie, which is one of the fuels of my writing. Hopefully, things will settle down soon and I'll be back to a normal schedule. May the week bring you a tribute of good gold memories. :)

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