Friday, August 14, 2009

Couch-Bound, Waiting For the Resolution

What are we reading today? Well, despite a few recent disappointments with urban fantasy, particularly as it plays pin-ball with thriller, romance, and science fiction, I found my copy of Magic Bites, by Ilona Andrews and have been hovering over the page, waiting to see how it turns out.

The story is lithe and drew me further and further in, while questions regarding who the main character is, what is going on with her world, etc. kept me picking through the details for more clues. Laying on the couch and poking my toes under the snarfling dogs, I enjoyed the unfamiliar setting (Atlanta) and the idea of an ebb and flow of magic, which gave a lovely visual and kinetic mood to the story (think of gazing into a snowglobe and letting your imagination drift with each shake). Since this is a darker urban fantasy, there were parts that I would have preferred to skim regarding the tortuous progress of the villian, but I was glad that the twists didn't telegraph themselves quickly nor did the main character seem to be half a person searching for her other half. Instead, her determination and professionalism bristled around her. I found that the narrative voice didn't function as distinctively as I could have wished...perhaps a bit too much bravado and sabre-rattling and not enough local flavor? She was fun to read but somewhat opaque (well in keeping with her established persona) and I suppose that I wanted a little more--not sure of what, exactly. Could be something as simple as a little more specific information on what the parameters of this world are. Maybe in the next book?

Time to snag the Pesky and get back to the rest of the book.

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