Friday, August 21, 2009

And We're Reading, Reading

The past few posts have been general and it might seem that the proverbial nightstand has been empty; rather, I've been reading a few longer things that didn't move as quickly as expected. One is Silverlock, which is an interesting trip deftly negotiated but one that begs you to keep looking up references and breaking out of the story to chase another rabbit. It verifies that I'm nowhere near as well-read as I need to why am I reading this novel? Aside from the fun of finding signposts for new books and following the good-humored guide and narrator through their mix of plots and periods, that is.

I'm excited about next month's review for Supernatural Fairy Tales, as well. The book we've chosen is a great read and had me hooked from the first few chapters. It was a fun detour between the serious stacks on writing and the thick fantasy puzzles still on the nightstand.

Books on poetic myth are the other side of this stack and those are just starting to filter slowly down in the back of my brain. These are the concepts that are mean to be fed deep into the understory of understanding, the things that give the symbols shape and the themes a familiar chime when you run them around the glass. Right now, it's Robert Graves but I'm thinking that next it should be something Celtic and oakey in honor of Renfest and Fall.

That does it for the sweets, here are the sours: Is anyone actually editing Realms of Fantasy?! The first story in the current edition had so many typing errors I felt as if I was reading something intended as a lesson for markups. Clashing, clanging words that were spelled correctly (thanks, SpellCheck!!) but didn't belong in their sentences. I didn't bother with the second story, although I'm sure that I'll go back to it. It didn't help that the stories seem to be continuing in the dark fantasy tradition that is seeping up and clutching the neck of the entire genre. Grumpiness ensues. Fortunately, I've got a few other magazines to peruse, including the new-to-me The Black Gate. Grumpiness abates. :)

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