Thursday, October 9, 2014


(Image courtesy Magpie Tales)

Wind comes like the heat, drawing the tide
Beating against her chest. Hollow land breathes,
Invisible air tangible as a touch on her neck.
She runs.

The spin beneath her feet drives her
Like the chaff of clouds racing above.
It tangles the winds; it jumbles thought.
It shoves.

Every sigh speeds its roll. Tumbling on
Until the drover and the driven, blind,
Run as if the rocky land chased them.
It does.

The wind speeds it behind her. Wire
Nets the empty land, catches her up
Like a dolphin in the sea that came

Run! Until it plucks the skin from your
Hands, the cotton from your back, the
Blood from beneath your flesh. And, then.
Then, run.


  1. Love the intensity in this Chrissa. I can feel the heat and urgency in her escape. Another captivating tale you have told. :-)

  2. I like your format, the way you end each stanza. Interesting line breaks (that which can drive a poem).

    Great line: "The spin beneath her feet drives her."

  3. Touching poem.
    Sad reality near the borders...