Saturday, October 13, 2012


Well, this has been a bit of a sudden stop. Last week I had the opportunity to go back to work for a few days and, while there are many good things about that, the exhaustion and mental fuzziness that comes with shifting sleeping schedules and the stress of new situations pretty much sunk any writing I otherwise would have done.

I'm extraordinarily grateful, therefore, for my writing circle. I've been putting what has become a difficult draft out for comment and last week they came through with the kind of basic questions that shake out a plot and link you back to your original creative enthusiasm for your draft.

Not that I've done much about it. Instead, I've started having regular nightmares (4:30 am - 5:00 am) and walking around the house like a zombie while trying to reestablish functionality. This upgrade may have permanently disabled parts of my operating system.

Since drafting is at a standstill and I'm sleepy all the time, I'm finding that I'm looking forward to Halloween as a more-creative-than-usual break. I found myself last night experimenting with drawing masks on with eyeshadow (because why not?) and THAT has given me a why to hang on to shreds of creativity through the fuzziness. My characters need a more vivid visual establishment, both in the text and in my mind's eye. Right now I feel that I know them more as energies haunting the plot than as flesh-and-blood creatures recognizably moving through their world.

So, I'm off to find out what each character looks like--what Chaos might wear to her wedding to Decadence, what a minor Fate might carry to cut her own bindings and sip like a spider on wicked fairies in the garden of the witch, and what a dog transformed into an old man might find when he looks in a puddle.

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