Sunday, March 21, 2010


There is a post coming up about the great and disturbing books that I've been reading lately, but my brain needs to clear a bit from the fog of a spring cold before I feel up to tackling it. There will be mention of how I came to discover that I am the "selfish" spouse & a roundabout reference to the Gutenberg Elegies (which I'm now enjoying very much).

Meanwhile, I can only say that posting was one of those chores that kept getting pushed off the schedule until I came down with the cold and everything was put on hold. I've already slept through this lecture regarding the dishes (What exactly was I doing the week before last, you might ask. Good question.).

Today is one of the days that come toward the end of a cold in which you believe you've been blessed with clarity because there are actually thoughts getting through the fog and the random and singular nature of them masquerades as clear thinking. Therefore, it's a good day for piecemeal organization and a short post. :)

Hope everyone is having at least one clear spring day like this before the heat sets in.

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