Thursday, February 25, 2010


So, yes, about the hiatus. Still going on, soon to be coupled with a nap which will probably be brought on by small type and complex sentences while the dogs grumble or snooze at the same time. I'm coming to realize that I'm still adjusting to the rhythm of new dogs and more 'free' time and that I need to stop treating these things as an abberration in The Way Things Are and just work. So, perhaps a shorter hiatus than originally planned.

Coupled with a grotesque original poem that should make everyone glad to have a pause to recover their offended sensibilities.

Vaccinated Against Vampirism

Do you miss the night, my heart?
Feeding two desires with one bite
Supping with our knives at dark?

Here in this open nunnery I wait
A wingless mouse, moth quiet
For sun to flush away the pale.

We tell our prayers in daylight
But renatured flesh remains
A coffin for a soul blood-dyed.

Do you walk the sunlit stones
Telling labyrinthine secrets
Heart slapping at your bones?

Urge it be quiet; it is stalked
By a blind red weevil buried
Your thirsty ghost waking sharp.

Do you miss the unlit night?
Unbounded, unlawful,
Unshrunk by this flat light?

My forehead meets the wool,
I am suspended like a pig
Spitted for the undead soul.

What cure I have received
Did not fall far within,
And only touched my teeth.

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