Saturday, January 23, 2010


Last night I finished The Mermaid's Madness by Jim Hines. It was a great read--quick, dark, and sometimes funny--that kept me reading the way one is drawn further out into the breakers on a sunny day at the beach. This is the second book in his series of Princess novels giving the now entwined histories of how Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella survived the circumstances that became enshrined in their respective fairy tales and what came next when they came together as wiser, tougher women in the kingdom of Lorindar. Can't help but think these would have been the perfect companions for lazy days in the dorm.

As it is, I'm happy to have something fun to sneak in between the stalk of writing about writing that I seem to have waded into again. It must be that January needs to have some kind of instructional component, because I find myself wandering out of the literature aisle and creeping into the instructional titles almost without intention. Perhaps I can put off drafts with another several chapters regarding how I should be organizing my paragraphs. I think I'd rather be swashbuckling with the princesses.

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