Sunday, April 19, 2009


An Open Window and An Open Book is the best way to spend the cool, transitional seasons for a reader living close enough to the Texas coast to have a hurricane plan. After the dogs and I have a had a chance to go run off the work week or the energy of a few extra slices of bread, we're ready for napping, reading, and contemplational sleep. :)

Instead of letting it filter out and away in the normal course of the day, I'm going to bring the ideas and challenges that I find in the books that I'm reading to this blog. One day, I would love to open a bookstore called The Cave, carrying only sci-fi/fantasy books on wooden shelves like an old library, with chairs in alcoves and blind book alleys and conversation murmuring indiscretely from the debates regarding magic systems, fantastic creatures, and the logic behind leaving the fields we know, losing ourselves in the cool afternoon, just having opened that window.

Come along, come along.

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